Tabernacle Ministry In Cameroon Rev. David Schmidt

According to the statement of TABERNACLE EVANGELISM MISSION, their policy is to assist the Full Gospel Mission of Cameroon in evangelism and church planting by providing steel roof structures for existing and new congregations and targeted areas for church plants so that the lost will be won and trained for world-wide missions. It is a partnership with the Full Gospel Mission. Therefore, we work together with the Mission according to their means and vision for ministry.

We are able to build the metal trusses for these buildings at our shop located in Yaoundé. This eliminates shipping and customs costs. Each local assembly is asked to contribute toward the costs of their building. As the demand grows all over Cameroon and US contributions are less and less able to meet the expansive growth of the Mission, we have requested that the local churches contribute more.

We expect that the Regional Pastor verifies that the land where the Tabernacle is to be built is in the name of the Full Gospel Mission, and that all the documents for the property are in order. We also trust that the Regional Pastor will select where the most pressing needs are, since finding finances for projects is difficult.

We are only building tabernacles for churches that do not already have a place of worship. This ministry is not intended to expand a present place of worship but to help those who have no place to assemble.

We are excited about future projects as we approach 100 Tabernacles in Cameroon. To God be the glory for all that He is doing through this ministry! We are thankful for the dedicated pastors, church leaders, and members of the local church with which we have had the privilege to work.

For the Tabernacle Team

Rev. David SCHMIDT