Full Gospel Mission Cameroon

Is a fellowship of evangelical, Pentecostal churches, whose Christians believe in all the Biblical doctrines as taught by Christ and His apostles.

It is a non-profit organization, officially recognized by Presidential Decree and Ministerial Order in 1969. Its beginning goes back to 1961, to the arrival of its first foreign missionaries Rev. and Mrs. W. Knorr. Other missionaries followed. Great emphasis was placed from the onset on evangelism and training of Christian workers for the ministry.

The result was a fast growth. Within - now more than 50 years - churches were established in all the provinces of Cameroon. Through the missionary outreach to foreign countries churches were also founded in Nigeria, Chad, CAR, Congo, South Africa and USA.

Our present aim is to maintain the evangelistic local impact and the missionary outreach to foreign countries, but to put also great emphasis on consolidating and raising the spiritual level of our members, at a time of serious backsliding through devastating false doctrines.