Celebrating 50 Years Of Existence


Celebrating 50 years of existence is not like rejoicing over an event lasting fifty days, weeks or months. We realize at this time in our history that, as a Mission, we resemble a baby who has developed into a fully grown adult, taking on responsibility, becoming understanding, disciplined, committed to life’s purpose and being accountable. Therefore from our hearts, we say, "Great has been Your faithfulness, O Lord, over these many years!" Like the mustard seed
story Jesus told to describe how the kingdom of God spreads - He said, “Though the smallest of seeds, when planted, it germinates and becomes the largest of garden plants, providing fruit, food and shelter” - so has the Full Gospel Mission from her humble beginning in the small village of Mutengene in the South West Region of Cameroon grown, that it is now present in almost every known city, town and numerous villages in our nation. Of course,although much has been accomplished, yet much more still needs to be done, as millions are yet without Christ!

At the dawn of a new decade, as we celebrate, we strongly sense the urge of the Spirit of God: the Church must understand the fact that this Gospel of the Kingdom is to be preached to all nations before the end comes. While we live in a challenging era full of insecurity, failing economy, of climatic, political and financial instability, we are nevertheless encouraged by the fact that God is still on His throne and in control of all human affairs worldwide. But without controversy,
it will not be long before the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our great God.

This year marks for us, FGMC Christians, a triple jubilee, combining our 50 years anniversary as a Mission with the other two of our nation: Independence and Re-unification! As the Bible records in Lev. 25, a jubilee is a time to experience the fullness of all that God has intended for His people in life. May we all as Cameroonian Christians realize that this time of jubilee is God's ordained season for our visitation, restoration and total rest. May we also be reminded that
amidst the stress, disaster and other crises, God has purposed to use His Church to bring hope to a world harassed by injustice, crime and corruption!


The story of Full Gospel Mission Cameroon is a testimony of what God can do when anybody dares to obey Him, taking Him at His word, but also risking to follow wherever He leads and to go where He sends. What seemed like a youthful adven-ture with the Lord became a church that has spread in our nation and is continuing to do so to other nations. It all began in 1961, when a young German couple - Werner Knorr and his newly wedded wife Helga - set out to obey the Master’s instructions of "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations!" They made the Master's last command their first concern and in 1961 they landed on the West Coast of Cameroon and settled in a little village near Victoria called
Mutengene. No sooner had they settled than they began to preach the ‘old time’ gospel message, which then spread like wild fire and grew to what is today known as the FGMC.

Our story is like that of Peter casting the net into the deep waters and because of the great catch he had to beckon for more partners to help pull in the harvest. Before the 1970's other young Germans began to join them, then followed American Missionaries in the 1980's. Since then the Mission has worked in partnership with German, Swiss, English, French and Nigerian Missionaries. This is a true picture of an Antiochian missionary example, as we read in the Book of
Acts 13. And this, no doubt, has been the secret of our strength besides our divine partner, the Holy Spirit. The purity of doctrine, harmony with brethren from different backgrounds, preaching the old time gospel message and our dependence on the Holy Spirit, have remained our focus all these years.


The Full Gospel Mission has as its vision: Reaching the nations through the preaching of the true and full gospel message by the power of the Holy Spirit, planting N.T. churobéir ches, leading Christians to spiritual maturity and preparing them for the return of the Lord.


From the very beginning in our Mission, our burden had always been evangelism - making our Lord's last command our first concern. Our Lord Himself declared, "The Son of man came to seek and save that which was lost." (Luke 19:10) We therefore commit ourselves to this task, and until He returns we shall take this ‘gospel of the kingdom’ to wherever man is found on earth. We are convinced of the fact that in this present time, people greatly need the Lord Jesus
Christ. He remains the answer to our sinsick world!


Our motivation to fulfil our vision is fuelled by the following objectives:

  1. To ensure that each Christian understands and has experienced the new birth;
  2. To maintain the preaching of the old time gospel message, taking it to every known village in our nation and neighbouring nations;
  3. To lead all members to experience the Baptism in the Holy Spirit;
  4. To provide practical solutions to poverty, illiteracy and health needs, through social projects in the communities we reach;
  5. To become a Missionary Agency;
  6. To serve as a Prophetic Voice of God in the nations;
  7. To mobilize the Body of Christ to unite;
  8. To emphasize Biblical preaching and concerted praying for our nation Cameroon under the banner of “IMPACT CAMEROON”.


The FGMC firmly believes, the entire Bible remains the final rule of conduct for our faith and practice. However, for practical guidance, as a fellowship we hold the following basic doctrines for harmony and understanding, while serving the Master together. It must be understood that these doctrines are not exhaustive but serve the purpose of this brief write-up. We recommend to our Christians to cherish and be familiar with the whole sacred content of the Bible.

  1. We believe, the Bible - both the Old and the New Testament - are verbally inspired by God as a revelation of His mind and will for mankind (2 Tim.3:15-17; 2 Peter 1:21). It is infallible and the final authority for the church;
  2. We believe in the Trinity of the Godhead: of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
  3. We believe, Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is truly God and also truly man. He lived literally, died for the sin of man to provide forgiveness for the repentant sinner;
  4. We believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus after death and His physical return to earth to reign literally as King of Kings;
  5. We believe in the Holy Spirit as God and the third person of the Godhead;
  6. We believe in one universal Christian Church, made up of believers in Jesus Christ, who are genuinely born again and live holy lives;
  7. We believe in the depraved and fallen sinful nature of all mankind and the need for regeneration through repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ;
  8. We believe in Water Baptism by immersion, in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, following repentance;
  9. We believe in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues, as a subsequent experience after conversion;
  10. We believe in the manifestation of Spiritual Gifts according to 1 Cor.12 and 14, the Fruit of the Spirit, (Gal. 5:22-23) and the five-fold Ministries according to Eph. 4:11-13;
  11. We believe in the necessity of sanctification for all believers and the possibility of falling away from grace;
  12. We believe in the literal physical resurrection of the dead: the righteous to eternal life and the wicked to eternal destruction;
  13. We believe in the “Great Commission”, being the responsibility of every believer to be engaged in and to see it accomplished;
  14. We believe in the Final Judgment and eternal condemnation of Satan and all the wicked and eternal life and reward for the true believers in Christ.


  1. Adjusting our managerial, leadership and administrative policies to help catalyze and sustain further growth;
  2. Dialoguing and giving direction to emerging young leaders by ‘the fathers of faith’ in the mission;
  3. Creating strategies suitable to best reach a complex generation as ours with the same gospel message;
  4. Developing ways that ground converts and lead them to become faithful and growing disciples by encouraging them to read through the Bible yearly;
  5. Increasing social impact in our growing needy society;
  6. Training and equipping ministers to become more effective, to fulfil the ‘MISSIO DEI’;
  7. Raising anointed ministers for the “Decade of Harvest”;
  8. Raising an army of intercessors to sustain the work of Missions and the “Decade of Harvest”;
  9. Making every member and minister understand and own the FGMC vision;
  10. Gaining a thorough understanding that having reached the age of fifty implies maturity, fruitfulness and discipline.


  1. Commission about 10 missionaries at the final event, December 4. 2011;
  2. Upgrade our communication department by creating two media houses - Radio / Television by 2015;
  3. Start a hospital in the East Area: at either Bertoua, Batouri, Yokadouma or Mouloundou by 2017;
  4. Create a University in Ngaoundéré or Mbalmayo by 2020;
  5. Start a Secondary School in all Mission Area-Headquarters by 2020;
  6. Begin to train a doctor and an administrator by 2012;
  7. Prepare youths for secular and spiritual leadership;
  8. Encourage entrepreneurial skills and ventures;
  9. Establish structured missionary training programs for the entire Church;
  10. Develop partnership with other churches so as to learn and benefit from their long-term experience and strengths;

As during our Jubilee Celebration we sit in His presence and celebrate His faithfulness, we want to meditate together and be inspi-red by His life-giving word. We believe strongly that God's word is true, as it declares, "Righteousness exalts a nation and sin is a disgrace to any people." (Prov. 14:29). The Psalmist also declares further: "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, and the people He has chosen for His inheritance." (Ps. 33:12) In this season of jubilee, we believe it is God's favoured time for every Cameroonian to seek the Lord. May we together respond in repentance and great passion, sincerity of heart, faith and great expectation for God's mercy and mighty visitation;
for it is the year of His favour! May God bless the Full Gospel Mission! May God Bless our dear Nation Cameroon!