A Word From The Superintendent


In the Past years, Mile 3, Nkwen Mission hill, remained a place of spiritual Rendez-Vous where we stepped aside to be before the Lord for fresh instructions and orientation. This proved worthwhile as many were strengthened, the work was consolidated and harmony in doctrine and resistance to false doctrines were mounted. At last we seem to have grown above that level and we neglected those spiritual invitations to the hill of encounter. The outcome of this neglect was the increased false doctrines, personality cults and the love for money has entered our pulpits. Can you dear minister sense that nonchalance? Are you satisfied? Is it really well as we so often hear these days: All is Well!

After three years, the Lord our God has again given us all a Holy Convocation to come to the mount of divine encounter. On this Hill I dare say you will either break down in deep repentance or you will break through and break forth. All around us there is a groan and yearning for God’s divine visitation. Like Paul says in Rom.8:19:” Creation groans and waits for the manifestation of the sons of God!” Once again I say welcome to the Mount of Encounter with our God. You will never be the same by the end of this year’s retreat and spiritual revival.


A real revival is not possible without God’s people sensing and reaching out to God for such a divine outpouring of His Spirit. The helplessness with which the Church daily faces her challenges be them inside or outside, the moral breakdown of ministers of the gospel, the insensitivity to the presence of contrary spirits, the presence of falsehood and increased love of money among God’s people are clear indicators of the need of a divine visitation.  And as we begin this year’s retreat, I ask you personally this question: ‘Are you satisfied with the spiritual state of the church of our time? Are you satisfied with the increase in desire for personal gain now evident in the lives of brethren in our churches?  Is there not a cause as David asked his brothers? Should we continue oblivious of the situation and display the Ostrich mentality as we clearly see things decay within and around the church?

In this retreat, you will either break down in deep repentance and cry out for God himself in His totality to fill and possess you by His Spirit or you will break through and forth moving forward to your place of destiny as we move along with God.

May we together come to the Mount of God desperate for an encounter with Our heavenly Father. God our Father has made great spiritual provision for us all. Let us together believe God for a mighty visitation and great transformation in the lives of believers. This will happen only as we sincerely come before him and as King David said: ‘A broken and contrite spirit the Lord will not despise.’ (Psalms 51:17)  It is with these words I WELCOME YOU TO THIS MOUNT OF DIVINE ENCOUNTER!’  Yes, let us move with God anticipating revival!

Your Brother,

Daniel Mbiwan